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Старинные драгоценные табакерки

суббота, 30 апреля 2011 г.

Старинные табакерки неописуемой красоты из Эрмитажа, Музея Метрополитен и Gilbert Collection.

В 18 веке они делались из золота , драгоценных и полудрагоценных камней, украшались эмалью, росписью ,бриллиантами, изумрудами,жемчугом. Шедевры ювелирного искусства!
gold & hardstone snuffbox-after a design by Jean Guillaume George Kruger
Origin: Berlin Date: c. 1775
Materials: bloodstone, gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, glass, foil

mother-of-pearl snuffbox- Daniel Baudesson
Origin: Berlin c.1765 Materials: mother-of-pearl, gold, diamonds, rubies, hardstones, foil

Czar's Alexander the second snuff box
Yes the glitering comes from the dimonds -it is all dimonds.
National museum, helsinki Finland.

Gilbert Collection

The Gilbert Collection contains over 200 gold boxes, most of which were made as containers for snuff, a form of powdered and scented tobacco became a craze throughout 18th-century Europe. As snuff-taking* developed into an elaborate social ritual it gave rise to an entirely new art form of superbly made and very expensive boxes that reflected the luxurious tastes of the aristocracy. Gold snuff boxes were also used as important diplomatic gifts and were often presented as rewards by grateful monarchs.

diamond encrusted snuffbox possibly Russian
Date: c. 1768
Materials: gold, silver, diamonds, foil
The box was presented to the Englishman Nathaniel Dimsdale by the Russian imperial family in gratitude for the medical services rendered by he and his father .

black marble snuffbox-Berlin

Date: c. 1765
Materials: hardstone, gold

enamelled gold snuffbox-Jean-Pierre Ador
Origin: Saint Petersburg
Date: 1762/66
Materials: gold and enamel

gold bonbonnière-Johann Christian Neuber
Origin: the box was made at Dresden, the mosaics at Rome
Date: box and mosaics c. 1780
Materials: hardstone, gold, micromosaic

triple porcelain snuffbox-enamelled portraits by Johann Martin Heinrici
Origin: the porcelain was made at Meissen, the gold mounts at Dresden
Date: both porcelain and mounts c.1750
Materials: porcelain and gold

chrysoprase snuffbox-Jean Guillaume George Kruger
Origin: Berlin
Date: c. 1755
Materials: Chrysoprase, diamonds, hardstones, foil, gold
Chrysoprase was a particular favourite of Frederick II, the Great of Prussia. It used to be mined in Silesia, then a part of Prussia, but fell out of favour once the Silesian deposits were exhausted. Today, most of the world’s supply of chrysoprase comes from Australia.

It is recorded that Frederick owned eight chrysoprase snuffboxes and that this one was presented by Frederick to his brother Augustus Wilhelm. The design is probably by Jean Guillaume George Kruger Kruger, a London-trained designer who moved to Berlin in 1753 and designed a series of snuffboxes in the Prussian royal collection. This particular box dates from around 1755.

-------------------Metropolitan Museum of Art--------------------

Daniel Govaers, or Gouers, Master 1717
French (Paris), 1734 - 35
Gold, diamonds

Mathieu Coiny (b. 1723, master 1755),
French (Paris), 1759 - 60
Gold, enamel, jewels

Claude Perron (master 1750)
French (Paris), 1763 - 64
Gold enamel

Sardonyx, gold and diamonds
North German, ca. 1750

Gold, enamel and diamonds
Inside lid is a portrait of Frederick the Great of Prussia (1712 - 86)
Box by (and signed by) Daniel Baudesson (1716 - 85) enameling attributed to Daniel Chodowiecki (1726 - 1800)
Berlin, 1745-55

Gold, enamel

Gold, enamel

Музыкальная табакерка-
Gold, enamel and diamonds
Swiss (Geneva)
c. 1820

Lacquer, gold
French (Paris), 1757 - 58

German (Berlin)
c. 1765
Glass, gold, silver, diamonds, rubies
Item number: 1975.1.1536

Gold and tinted mother-of-pearl
Signed: Daniel Baudesson (working 1730-80)
Berlin, 1745-55

Gold, enamel

Gold and mother-of-pearl
German, ca. 1750


By Joseph Etienne Bleray (act. 1768 - 1806)
French (Paris)
1777 - 78
Gold, enamel and pearls

Hard-paste porcelain, gold
German, Nymphenburg, ca. 1770

Gold, enamel
18th century

Gold, enamel


Snuffbox of Frederick the Great. Circa 1765

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LE CHEMIN DES GRANDS JARDINS 30 апреля 2011 г., 03:16  

Génie de l'homme orfèvre qui laisse son talent traduire une émotion, une intention, une offrande, un hommage, au travers de ces superbes créations. Il est alors facile d'imaginer le bonheur de celle ou celui qui sera ainsi honoré de ces chefs-d'œuvre. Bravo pour toute cette merveilleuse série et à très bientôt,

Amitiés françaises,

Roger Dautais

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